Feeling a bit naughty? You might prefer my breakfast pizza:

September 20, 2014 – 10:53 am

Full English breakfast baked eggs - a healthier version of a traditional British fry up, with all the same flavour!Yes, another breakfast recipe – that makes two in a row. So shoot me.

(except don’t really please)

And it’s another healthy one, to boot. Just like my apple crumble smoothie, the name may make you think otherwise – a full English breakfast isn’t exactly known for being a light option – but I’ve adapted the traditional fry up just enough to make it a good, healthy breakfast option.

So, let’s start with the usual full English. It’s known as a ‘fry up’ for a reason – it’s pretty much a load of fried stuff, piled high on an enormous platter. Fried bread, fried mushrooms, fried eggs, fried tomatoes, fried sausages (veggie ones for me, of course)… you can feel your arteries clogging with every bite.

So this time, I decided to take the ‘fry’ out of a fry up, and make baked eggs instead. And before you all balk at the idea, let me assure you: once you dig in, you’ll realise that all that extra oil isn’t doing anything other than making your breakfast super greasy. The flavour is all here.

Full English breakfast baked eggs - a healthier version of a traditional British fry up, with all the same flavour!As an added bonus, these full English breakfast baked eggs are much simpler to make than a fry up. You don’t need to supervise multiple pans as they spit oil all over you, or worry about making sure everything is ready to serve at the same time. Just throw some tomatoes and mushrooms in a dish, crack on your eggs, and pop them in the oven while you go off to brush your hair, or get dressed, or whatever else normal people do in the mornings.

To add to the full English flavour, I also added some vegetarian bacon lardons to my baked eggs. You can skip these if you’re not a fan of ‘fake meat’, but they did add a sense of authenticity to my breakfast, and a lovely smoky flavour. I used Quorn brand, but there are other varieties out there. If you prefer, you could use diced veggie sausage instead (or as well!). The bacon and sausages will need cooking off quickly before assembling your baked eggs, but that only takes a few minutes.

Full English breakfast baked eggs - a healthier version of a traditional British fry up, with all the same flavour!Oh, one other thing – I sprinkled a teeny bit of cheese on top of my eggs before baking. Not a traditional ingredient in a full English, I know, but I find that the cheese helps the eggs to bake evenly – otherwise, I sometimes find that the yolk has baked solid while the white is still gooey. This way, you get a nice runny yolk – perfect for dipping a slice of bread or toast.

If you’re a baked egg expert, though, feel free to skip the cheese!

I also served my baked eggs alongside some proper British baked beans. Next time I might try cooking the beans underneath the eggs – but I haven’t tried that yet, so don’t tell me off if it doesn’t work!

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Breakfast baked eggs NI Full English breakfast baked eggs - a healthier version of a traditional British fry up, with all the same flavour!

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