Top 10 Most Interesting Mini-Putt Themes in the World

January 30, 2016 – 02:25 am

glow-in-dark-miniputtAfter a fun day exploring amusement park rides and attractions, sometimes the best way to relax is to play a low stakes game of mini-putt golf with friends and family. At Santa’s Village, we have our very own mini-putt golf course in our Sportsland area. Whether you are looking for a nice way to unwind or you’re just a lover of golf in all its forms, you’ll find that our 18-hole mini-putt course is a great way to spend the rest of your day.

One of the best things about mini-golf is that the courses are often outrageous, hilarious, and sometimes downright strange. This whimsical approach is one of the biggest reasons why kids love to play mini-golf, because for a few holes they can pretend that they are a pirate, or exploring a jungle in Africa, or on an island with an active volcano. Our mini-putt course at Sportsland has several creatively designed tracks that entertain and amuse all those who play. Here are ten more great mini-putt themed courses around the world.

  1. piratge-island1Around the World in 18 Holes – New York, USA

This mini-golf in Lake George, New York is loads of fun for the whole family. It was created with an international theme, so as you progress through the course, you and your family will be able to travel from countries in Europe and Asia. Each hole has its own design and decorations inspired from a foreign and exotic locale, so you can feel like you’ve gone around the world without ever taking out your passport. The course also includes many holes that are American-themed, such as one that features the legendary lumberjack, Paul Bunyan.

  1. Pirate Island Golf – New Jersey, USA

dino-parkThere are three Pirate Island Golf locations in New Jersey. When you play mini-golf at one of these courses, you may feel as if you were walking through the classic book Treasure Island as they are decorated with pirate ships, suspension bridges, water hazards, and other great pirate-related details. The courses also feature lifelike depictions of pirates, tropical waterfalls, and caves full of treasure.

  1. Lexington Ice Center – Kentucky, USA

Lexington Ice Center is world famous for being one of the few Bible-themed mini-putt courses in the world. When you play at Lexington Ice Center, you’ll be able to choose between three courses that are themed around different sections of the Bible: the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Miracles.parque-santiago Some of the golf centre’s best holes include Mount Sinai, Jonah and the Whale, and the River of Blood.

  1. Par-King – Illinois, USA

Located in Lincolnshire, Illinois, this mini-putt course has become famous for its creative, outrageous, and beautifully designed holes. Though there isn’t really one unifying theme to the entire course, you’ll find lots of interesting themes at every hole including a roulette wheel, rollercoaster, the Sears Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and a robotic clown. Depending on which of the two courses you choose, you may also experience the holes that feature armoured knights, turtles, and a replica of Mount Rushmore. What really sets this course apart from others is the fact that each hole was really carefully designed and hand painted.


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