The First Bed and Breakfast in Santa Fe, New Mexico

January 20, 2014 – 03:09 pm

Santa Fe LocationOver the years the inn has had many owners, from Santa Fe's first alternative healer, when it was known as "the Palace of Health", to the resident who fed so many birds that the house then became known as "The House of Birds".

Carolyn Lee purchased the inn in 1997 and renamed it in honor of her daughter, Madeleine. The neighboring brother inn, Hacienda Nicholas, is named for Madeleine's twin brother. Alexander's Inn, which opened in 1987, was named for their older brother, Alex.

photo about INN image1While Carolyn does not live at the inn itself, she lives just 2 blocks away and is very much a hands-on owner: she hosts the breakfasts and works on the premises from Monday through Friday, and makes herself available to guests 24/7. Along with Carolyn, you will be well cared for by the friendly staff of innkeepers, all of whom are very knowledgable about Santa Fe and the area.

Carolyn is married to Ted Larsen, a well-known artist with galleries across the United States. His work can be seen in Santa Fe at the David Richard Gallery, located in the Railyard District.

photo about INN image2Originally named The Preston House, The Madeleine was the first Bed and Breakfast to open its doors in Santa Fe. This elegant New Mexico inn offers you an authentic taste of Santa Fe's past along with a big helping of convenience and luxury.

Whether you dream of a fabulous New Mexico ski vacation, an intimate Santa Fe wedding, or a memorable weekend getaway, you'll enjoy your stay at The Madeleine. We strive to offer all the modern-day comforts you'd expect, providing an enchanting alternative to a Santa Fe hotel.

Built in 1886 by railroad tycoon George Cuyler Preston, this delightful Santa Fe B&B is very much a part of New Mexico tourism.


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