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December 16, 2010 – 11:05 am

santa barbara interiorThe 411 I have wanted to go to Santa Barbara for some time now. Something about it made me curious. Situated walking distance from the Jean Talon market, Santa Barbara is in an area that, a few years ago, no one would consider going, but now people have begun exploring and moving there. One day after a morning race, exhausted, dirty and hungry, we made it to Santa Barbara.

At 1st Glance“Holy religious theme, Batman!” There’s this green back wall with religious statues and even those religious candles there. It’s a tad odd but the place does share a name with Saint Barbara so who am I to argue. The place itself is nice and you can fit a good amount of people while still having that cozy feel.santa barbara exterior There is a kitchen and prep area to the left and a large sign that advertises Pisco sours and Bloody Barbara for brunch. Any place that encourages you to have a morning drink with your brunch is good in my books. The venue itself was incredibly well lit and on a nice sunny day I could not think of a place I would rather be and trust me, this sentiment was reinforced when the food arrived.

Food The menu is a short one-pager and by short, I mean really short, with 5 mains and 6 sides. In fact, the drink menu was larger than the food one with a total of 12 beverages.santa barbara potatoes The menu has items named after jobs: items like mathematician, architect, electrician. I should note that they did have a dish called the criminal which is technically not a traditional profession but they could have easily called it politician and everyone would assume the same. The menu is priced at $12, on average, and coffee is $3.50 with no refills. The breakdown is the following:

  • Spanish Tortilla: $11
  • Buckwheat crepe: $11 (add $3 for bacon)
  • Poached Eggs: $12
  • Baked Egg: $12
  • Baked Granola & Yogourt: $5 for small & $10 for large

We started with a nice refreshing beverage of cucumber, mint and lemon for $4. This was the perfect drink on a sunny day. It was light, refreshing and every drop was truly appreciated. There is a mystery ingredient in here that makes it work perfectly. The lemon was not too overpowering and the cucumber, which is usually hard to notice, offered that comforting freshness. Even thought I am generally not a fan of mint, it did not overpower and paired well. I would go as far as saying this is my favourite drink of any place in Montreal.

santa barbara fruit juice santa barbara tortilla santa barbara  poached eggs santa barbara fruit


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