The Rink Is Open! What skaters need to know

May 6, 2017 – 12:06 pm

The Rink Is Open!As far as winter activities go, there is nothing more classic, more festive, more downright New York than skating at . Celebrating its 77th year of icy fun, and with over 250, 000 visitors each season, the Rink officially opened yesterday with a cast including the Rockettes (on ice!) and Olympic medalist Elvis Stojko, joined by a crowd of eager young athletes gliding and spinning in skirts and sparkles.

But don't worry about outfits or tricks and kicklines on the ice—skaters of all skill levels are cordially invited to participate, and both Stojko and rink manager Carol Olsen gave us some serious pro tips for novices.

"The railing is your friend, " Olsen says, advising first-timers to stick to the edges. "And come on a nice day."

Stojko recommends flexible, comfortable clothes and a thin pair of gloves to protect your hands from some inevitable stumbles. Even better, Stojko outlined the physical steps needed to find balance and strength on the ice. "Keep your eyes up! That's number one, " he says. "Everyone goes out and looks down first, so what happens is your eyes go down and your head goes forward and your weight starts to go forward. Everyone says bend your knees—I don't, I say bend your ankles. Ankles are everything. Be aware of where you are on the blade. Keep your arms up to give yourself a little bit of balance. That's how I would start." (And that was Skating 101 brought to you by an Olympic master of the sport!)

Before you lace up though, purchase a skating package—it makes the day in Midtown go that much more smooth, and . Current deals on sale include the brand new, the premium pass, the 7am for early morning exercise and free coffee and pastries, for the kids (and a mimosa for mom and dad), and 's Top of the Rock up high/down low special. (Think of SkySkate as the surf and turf of holiday adventures.) For the romantic types, there's even an package, offering private ice time and Champagne.


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