The Most Reliable Late Night Breakfast in Santa Monica

March 13, 2017 – 10:05 am

Late Night Breakfast Means You Don't Have to Wake Up Early to Smell the BaconLet’s talk about breakfast. Oh, what was that? Your mouth just started watering? We know. From eggs with bacon and sausage to expertly prepared omelets with crispy hash browns to French toast and pancakes, breakfast truly is the best meal of the day. When considering breakfast foods, your options for a hearty meal are vast. Nothing puts a smile on your face like well-prepared breakfast food, and that’s why the customers at George’s Burgers are always smiling: because we love breakfast food just as much as everyone else. In fact, we love breakfast food so much, we serve it all day long. That’s right—the craving you sometimes get for eggs and bacon can be satisfied at George’s Burgers at 8 AM, 2 PM or 9 PM. Any time you are craving late night breakfast, George’s Burgers can help.

Because we know quality and variety trumps advertising gimmicks when it comes to attracting new customers, we provide a broad variety of tasty breakfast foods. When you crave breakfast, you deserve to get exactly what you want; no more compromising your late night breakfast cravings! Come to George’s Burgers to get late night breakfast in Santa Monica after that great concert or night out with friends.

Late night breakfast cravings? Come over to George’s Burgers where we serve breakfast all day. Our omelets, breakfast burritos, and meat and egg plates will fill you up, and keep you satisfied.

What kind of breakfast foods do we make? How about omelets made with all the ingredients you want? We make omelets with chili, bacon, sausage, ham, veggies, steak and more. If you’re looking for something starchier, we make pancakes and French toast, perfect with a side of eggs or bacon. Getting hungry? We haven’t even gotten to the breakfast burritos yet! Egg burritos! Bacon burritos! Chorizo, steak, and ham burritos! We fill you up at reasonable prices. Our portions are large so you can eat half now and the other half when room opens up in your stomach.

You can add sides to any order so you don’t have to compromise on bacon, eggs, sausage, hash browns and more. Breakfast should be the most idyllic meal of the day—what you want, we provide.


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