Breakfast with Santa Party Ideas

August 9, 2016 – 12:06 am

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids small logoBirthday party ideas for a Breakfast with Santa themed birthday party.

Breakfast Santa Invitation Ideas
Print out an invitation on pretty parchment type paper and then roll it up like a scroll and tie with a red and/or green ribbon. Invite guests to join Santa as his personal guest for breakfast.

Make an invitation that looks like a menu. Write down all the foods that you will be serving at the Breakfast with Santa and give each food a fun name such as Blitzen blintzes, Prancer's pancakes, Rudolf's scrambled eggs, etc.

Breakfast with Santa Decoration Ideas
Decorate the party with red and green. Tie red and green helium balloons to the front entrance of the party so guests can find the party easily. Make a large sign that says "Santa's Workshop" or "North Pole" and place it near the party entrance.

Set the party table with a white, red or green tablecloth and use pretty paper or fancy china dishes. Set out coffee cups and fill them with hot chocolate or juice. Make a large chair into a regal place for Santa to sit at the table by draping it with velvet or red fabric.

At the dollar store pick up cute Santa or elf hats for everyone to wear at the party.

Breakfast with Santa Party Activities
Dress up an adult in a Santa Claus suit or you could hire a someone like a professional entertainer that could play the part of Santa Claus. Let every child have the opportunity to sit down on Santa's lap and read off their Christmas list. A good photo opportunity so you can take pictures to send to guests with the thank you note.

Christmas Theme Scavenger Hunt
Guests get to participate in a Christmas themed scavenger hunt. Print out the Christmas theme scavenger item list which has a whole lot of items that guests will try and find.

Gingerbread House Contest

Guests build their very own gingerbread house and get to decorate it too! Buy kits that contain up to 4 different small gingerbread style houses or use store bought graham cracker squares and homemade frosting (Two lbs. of powdered sugar, six egg whites, one teasp. cream of tartar. Mix all together using an electric mixer). Fill bowls with candies and gumdrops that the kids can use to decorate their gingerbread houses. Before they start building give each guest a piece of heavy cardboard to build their house on so it will be easier for them to transport it home. Plan this activity for the beginning so the gingerbread houses have time harden and dry before taken home.


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