Colazione: A Guide to the Italian Breakfast

October 8, 2020 – 12:46 am

Whereas the French will indulge in omelet or crepes and fresh fruit along with croissant and jam, and Germans will add ham to their toasts, in Italy there is no tradition whatsoever of savory foods on the breakfast table. Continental breakfast is a concept we embrace to the tee! Even fruit is looked upon with suspicion! The typical Italian breakfast is made of a hot beverage, like cappuccino or caffe’, with something sweet to eat- cake, cookies, pastries, brioche, croissants, or toast and jam.

When at home, caffelatte and coffee made with the are the more common choices for drinks, and usually small breakfast cookies (, anyone?) provide the sugar rush. Cereals are available on the shelves in the grocery store, but mostly eaten as an afternoon snack, not for breakfast! Italians often consume their breakfast out- the thousands of bars you will walk by everywhere in Italy serve and paste (brioches, or bomboloni) for a breakfast you can conveniently consume while standing at the counter!

Eggs? Ham? Bacon? THOSE ARE DINNER FOODS! (It seems to hear grandma!)

In the Bay Area you can indulge in a perfect, Italian style breakfast at Emporio Rulli. My favorite is the one in Larkspur, but all locations will really work out for my monthly fix of bomboloni con la crema! You can also find bombolni at I Preferiti di Boriana at the Ferry Building, and a good breakfast can be snatched at Cocola.


  • avatar Why are there so many sweet recipes for breakfast? | Yahoo Answers
    • How about a traditional English breakfast - bacon, eggs, mushrooms etc. But for a scrumptious change here's a great idea:
      Buy 1 tin of Spam. Cut into slices and fry in a very little olive oil (we don't want to increase cholesterol, do we!). Serve with eggs - scrambled, fried or poached. Or cut the lightly fried Spam into cubes and use as an omelette filling - this is SO GOOD! Good luck!

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