5 Painless Paleo Breakfast Ideas

April 21, 2015 – 04:05 pm

Paleo BreakfastWant the scoop on everything paleo and a handful of simple paleo breakfast ideas? Keep reading. Just want a pile of paleo breakfast recipes? Go check out all of our paleo recipes instead!

Before we get to the paleo breakfast ideas this is quite a big week!

Many people in the US enjoyed a long Labor Day weekend, but more importantly it was the opening day of the NFL season.

In this article I’ll share a bit about the difficulty when trying to eat healthy. Why Paleo is my lifestyle of choice. What exactly this “caveman diet” is. And how you may benefit from giving it a try. Finally I’ll top it off with some quick and easy Paleo breakfast ideas for you and your family.

Marla SarrisSo let’s get to it! :)

The Challenge of Staying Healthy

Eating healthy when gathering with friends can, at times, be challenging. And whether you’re watching the next big game at home or at a local watering hole, the football season is no exception to this rule.

Game Day fare doesn’t always consist of the highest quality food. As a result you may end up in a cycle of constantly serving what’s cheap and easy instead of what’s most nutritious. I’ve been there.

There is however a bright side. With a little planning you can ensure that everyone loves your appetizers, entrees and desserts. Whether they realize they’re eating healthy or not.

Banana-Nut Paleo PancakesThe key to this, in my opinion, lies in one word. Paleo. Or two words if you feel compelled to call it the Paleo Diet.

What is Paleo?

Paleo is a very satiating style of eating that’s also good for your body.

Quite simply a Paleo diet can be defined as:
1. Eat Plants, Animals, Nuts and Seeds
2. Move Frequently and Lift Heavy Things

Those are two simple steps, but let’s break them down a bit further.

First off, notice the order of the first rule. Plants should always come first in any Paleo diet. One common misconception is that Paleo consists of eating bacon and red meat all the time while veggies are an afterthought. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some bacon, but plants are at the core of a proper Paleo diet.

Breakfast Salad with Eggs Over Easy Breakfast Smoothie Paleo Breakfast Cereal Pulled Pork Breakfast

Source: paleoporn.net

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