20 Recipes to Bring Fruit to Your Breakfast Table

December 13, 2014 – 04:19 pm

If one of your goals is to maximize your fill of summer fruit, like blueberries, strawberries, and stone fruit, why not hit the ground running with a sweet fruit-filled breakfast? You can eat fruit out of hand if you really want to keep things simple, but with options like a fruit-filled breakfast pie, breakfast popsicles, muffins, and more, it's worth it to go the extra step.

From quick bread and muffins, to bars and scones, here are 20 breakfast recipes to give you a sweet start to the day and make the most of summer’s fruit.

There's certainly no shortage of ways to work your favorite fruit into breakfast. It can play any role, from light and healthy to deliciously splurge-worthy.

If you're all about keeping the oven off, do yourself a favor and go beyond cold cereal this summer. Mornings are simply all-around better when they start with breakfast popsicles (yes, popsicles — for breakfast!), fruit-filled smoothie bowls, and DIY fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt cups.

Although, if you are brave enough to turn on your oven or stove, there's a sweet reward in store for you. Summer isn't summer without blueberry muffins and pancakes. Try something new to you, like a breakfast pie, fruity cheesecake bars, or berry-topped French toast.

Summer Recipe: Baked Berry Breakfast Pastries with Whipped Crème Fraîche

Source: www.thekitchn.com

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