Dishing Up the Dirt

September 30, 2016 – 03:08 am

pumpkin almond muffinsNothing screams fall quite like a cup of piping hot coffee and a couple of these pumpkin spice muffins to kick start a day of farm chores. Well, a few extra layers of clothes help ease into the crisp mornings as well!

We harvested all of our sugar pumpkins a few weeks ago and these muffins were the first thing we whipped up with our harvest. We made so much pumpkin puree that we’ve made 3 batches of these muffins in the past 2 days. Thankfully, we have some hungry friends that happily took muffins home from the farm this weekend.

These puppies are simple to prepare and are bursting with my favorite flavors of the season. Sweet pumpkin, warming spices and a few chocolate chips for an additional treat. The almond flour adds a lovely nuttiness to the muffins and we can’t get enough of these first thing in the morning. They aren’t super sweet which makes them perfect breakfast fuel. I recommend serving them with a generous amount of good quality butter smeared on top and additional cinnamon for good measure. Pour a cup of strong coffee and enjoy!

watermelon radish recipes2

This is a lazy farmers “dinner.” When I’m too tired to prepare a proper meal toast is my go-to and boy am I happy I was unmotivated to prepare anything more in-depth because this was pretty damn delicious!

We typically cook “the recipe of the week” for our Monday evening before our Tuesday afternoon drop-off (since by Monday evening we know what the contents of their boxes will be.) I always have a blast cooking my way through the bulk of the veggies that will be included in their weekly share. We obviously don’t have to include a recipe every week however, I think it helps folks cook with veggies that they might not normally prepare in their kitchens if they weren’t part of a CSA. Also, it’s super fun to get emails, text messages and photos tagged on instagram of our customers cooking the recipes we share! It makes my heart flutter every time. Keep sharing your Tumbleweed recipes guys! By the way, you don’t have to be a part of our CSA family to tag your recipes from the blog- I love seeing them all!


The Healthiest You- Wholesome Breakfasts: Real Food Recipes- Mango Berry Soup, Banana Nut Pancakes & Date Cacao Brownie, Gourmet Clean Eating In Raw Vegan ... (Recipes, For The Healthiest You Book 18)
eBooks (Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall)
  • avatar Need a recipe using Shadybrook Farms breakfast sausage turkey links? | Yahoo Answers
    • I have cooked them and sliced them and added them in spaghetti/ or marinara sauce over pasta as an alternative to meat in spahetti sauce.
      I have also cooked them with peppers and onions and put them on hotdog buns.
      Third, you can cook them and toss them with grilled/sauteed veggies
      over penne pasta.
      Fourth, make a quiche and add them in.
      Also check out their website

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