How to Pick the Best Camping Stove

April 19, 2016 – 03:52 pm

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Camp stove choices

Essential Cooking Gear… A Good Camp Stove

“Which camping stove is the best?” Or, “What kind of camp stove should I get?”, are two of the questions most frequently asked by new campers, and except for campers with specific extraordinary requirements, the answer is very simple:

A 2-burner Coleman propane stove!

Note: Backpacking stoves are also often called camping stoves, but they are a very different kind of stove from the ones you use in a ‘base’ camp or car camping. They are discussed in another article: Best Camping stoves for Backpacking.

Going straight to the bottom-line; barring some special task requirements as mentioned above, the best camping stove for you is going to be a 2-burner Coleman propane camp stove. Period!

A brief explanation: (only partly referring to Coleman specifically)

  • Coleman’s first camp stoves were for the US Army in 1930, and they have been improving and expanding their products ever since.
  • Like the old saying; “the proof is in the pudding, ” Coleman’s stoves have been the top choice of campers, new and experienced, year after year, and for good reason, – they get the job done!

Coleman Camping Stove propane hook-upNow back to why your choice for the best camp stove is a 2-burner propane stove:

  1. a 1-burner stove isn’t really a general-purpose stove, (it’s a specific need or circumstance stove), and a 3-burner stove usually just doesn’t have enough top space to use three pots or pans at one time. Too many burners crowded into too little space.

    Of course you can find exceptions, but that is usually the situation.

    If you need more than two burners, get two 2-burner stoves, you will be glad you did.

  2. Propane – because it is;
    • Easier and safer to transport – Ease of use and convenience are its prime assets.
    • Quicker and easier to hook up and use. *liquid fuel stoves require the filling of tanks and pumping-up to pressurize.
    • Propane gives an instant cooking flame as soon as it is lit. (liquid fuel stoves take a minute to generate a cooking flame)
    • Propane last longer than Butane, and is usually cheaper.

Portable propane tank hook-up is as simple as screwing the bottle to a simple connector tube.

Liquid fuel stoves require you to fill a tank with liquid fuel and then pressurize it with a pumping plunger.


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