Clean it up Mondays: Breakfast Meat Sauce

April 11, 2019 – 08:57 pm

IMG_0372I can’t stop scratching. I can’t. I have been eaten alive by bugs over the weekend. Some mosquitos. But mostly biting flies. Since when do flies bite? Are they a different kind of fly? I don’t know, but what I do know is that when I was scratching my bites the other night, I ended up with open wounds then scabs that looked like I had been infected with a flesh eating virus. I was kind of feeaking out…for about 24 seconds. Then I just decided I should stop touching it. Instead, I found another bite to scratch. I’m miserable.

So I went to South Dakota over the weekend. It was a friends wedding reception. Remember when I went to Mexico for a wedding a few months ago? Well, the lovely couple invited a bunch of people down to stay at her family’s cabin since not everyone could make it to Mexico. It mostly gave all of us an excuse to forget about reality and spend some time on the lake.

So that’s what we did. We had a giant slumber party in the cabin, played music loudly, and ate a lot of chips. The two main staples in the house were chips and vodka. I hate how delicious chips are. So every night we would eat some dinner, make drinks that were entirely too strong, then try to fall asleep. The problem with slumber parties though, if you want to go to bed, you can’t. Because someone is probably dancing to Kelly Clarkson on your bed. And it’s probably a dude. Dudes don’t let you go to sleep if Kelly is wailing that voice of hers.

Here are some other things that went on in South Dakota other than eating chips and singing to good ole’ Kelly. There’s really not much else, but I’ll try.


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