The 4th Street Crawl

September 3, 2017 – 03:50 pm

BreakBurrito01The chorizo breakfast burrito from Jerry's. Photo by Brian Addison.

It is a California staple that New Yorkers will just never understand: the breakfast burrito. While the bagel’n’coffee combo is all an East Coaster needs, Californians want nothing more than a giant tortilla wrapped around egg and some fillings to fulfill the needs of a gluttonous morning.

We know a literal breakfast burrito crawl would be beyond debilitating even for the heartiest of appetites (though we happily invite bottomless stomachs to take on the challenge of eating as many as possible in one day)… But that doesn’t mean we won’t bring up the gold mine-like stretch that is 4th Street. Surely we could have made a list of breakfast burritos throughout the city, but 4th from Grand to Elm avenues is home to ten—yes, ten—of the best places to mow down on breakfast burritos in Long Beach.

Westward, ho!

Coffee Cup Cafe (4th & Grand Avenue)

The Baja Breakfast Burrito is one of this LB grub hub’s best offerings (and, in my humble opinion, the establishment that offers the best breakfast period). It has a California influence—the avocado and sour cream on top with black beans inside are a dead giveaway—but is thoroughly delectable. Though the steak and soyrizo protein options are delicious, the chicken wins as the protein of choice—impressive considering the former two are typically the most flavorful.

Oh, and one more tip: order the potatoes well-done and ask for their spicy chile verde salsa instead of the house salsa. You’ll be a happy camper, trust me.

BreakBurrito04 Taqueria La Mexicana (4th & Coronado Avenue) BreakBurrito03 BreakBurrito06


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