Breakfast and Brunch Buffet

March 17, 2018 – 06:06 am

Buffet at the Bellagio Review: SeatingThis review of The Buffet at the Bellagio is part of a Las Vegas trip report for Virtuoso Travel Week. For the prior post please see:

The Buffet at the Bellagio would normally not be my first pick for breakfast in Las Vegas, but I figured it was time to put the cliche of Las Vegas buffets to the test.Buffet at the Bellagio Review: Breakfast and Brunch Buffet - Cheeses Plus, by booking The Bellagio with Virtuoso, I had a breakfast voucher for , and this covered much of the .99 weekend brunch buffet price.

To get to the The Buffet Bellagio from the main lobby you walk along the left hand side of the casino. Alternatively, and this is what I'd do next time, you could first walk through the pool area to the entrance/exit on the northern side, then walk towards The Buffet from there-that would minimize the amount of time you have to walk through the casino.

Buffet at the Bellagio Review: Breakfast and Brunch BuffetThere's are separate lanes for regular guests and M Life Members, although I was there so early that there was just one lane open, and 2 cashiers whom you paid before entering. I presented my $20 breakfast voucher and was able to pay the remaining $8.99 + tax and gratuity balance by credit card.

One of the hosts showed me to a table. My first impression was of a college dining hall, although to be fair, the seating was a bit nicer than that. And there was drink service to the table, with my server bringing me orange juice and water, and asking if I'd like coffee or tea. Note that while juice and coffee or tea is included, espresso drinks and of course alcohol are extra.

Buffet at the Bellagio Review: Breakfast and Brunch Pancakes French Toast Waffles

Some of the various buffet stations were still being set up, since I was there within the first half hour of it opening. There were the usual cheese, breakfast meat and egg dish stations:

As well as the requisite pancakes, french toast and waffles:

And pastries, including fruit danishes and croissants:

There were also various salads and noodle dishes:

My favorite cold dish was the shrimp cocktail:

The smoked salmon was passable, but not as good as what I buy from Trader Joe's:

Buffet at the Bellagio Review: Breakfast and Brunch Buffet: Fruit Danishes and Croissants, Pastries Buffet at the Bellagio Review-Breakfast and Brunch-Pickled Herring and Salads Buffet at the Bellagio Review-Shrimp Cocktail Buffet at the Bellagio Review: Breakfast and Brunch Buffet - Smoked Salmon


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