The Best La Jolla Breakfast Spots Warning Includes Mouth Watering

February 11, 2016 – 04:20 am

You know the saying: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, it’s true. Eating breakfast has not only been shown to promote weight loss by jump starting your metabolism, according Deborah Enos of Live Science, indulging in a morning meal has been linked to improved cognitive brain function, higher memory retention and lower risk of heart disease.

So if not for your taste buds’ happiness, try a local La Jolla breakfast cafe or restaurant for your health. Here are my top favorites for a(n):

This bakery and cafe is famous for its baked goods. My mouth waters just thinking about the croissants, seasonal fruit scones and hearty banana walnut bread. Select any of these or one of their breakfast sandwiches (all at incredibly reasonable prices) and pair with a coffee or tea for a boost of energy.

Coast Toast. This orange-hinting, award-winning souffleed french toast is reason enough to come. Offering a variety of breakfast items, from nutritious veggie burritos to decadent eggs benedict and pancakes, there’s something for everyone at this decadent, sit down venue.

The view of the ocean from Brockton Villa is fantastic and can be enjoyed from either indoor or outdoor seating. (Only warning? A slight aroma can sometimes arise from the nearby sea lions. However, with the breathtaking view, it’s nothing that should stop you from coming.)

Harry's Coffee Shop is the oldest, family-owned diner in this neck of the woods. It's been serving up classic breakfast food (and non-breakfast food like burgers and sandwiches) since its opening in 1960 and has a true locals vibe.

(The B.W. Benny)

(A Harry's fresh baked cinammon roll)

Pannikin is not just a coffee shop; it's a haven for locals and coffee lovers. If you're like me, you love to jump start the day with caffeine. Come to Pannikin for your coffee fix (black, latte, white chocolate mocha...they do it all) and add on a breakfast pastry for the perfect pairing.

You can also order a full on breakfast, such as the Huevos Rancheros and Greek eggs. Two other perks? Pannikin is dog-friendly and provides wi-fi.

Pancakes are an American breakfast staple. At Richard Walker's Pancake House La Jolla, Choose from a wide variety of types, such as the famous Apple Pancake, German Pancake (which comes with whipped butter, lemon, heavenly maple syrup and lots of fluffy, powdered sugar) or "Pigs in a New Car" (Pancakes rolled with sausages in the middle. Mmmm.)

If you're with a friend or group who isn't a pancake fan; no worries. Their menu has plenty of other options like Corn Beef Hash and the Eggs Benedict English Muffin.

Next to Burger Lounge, near the heart of the downtown village, sits Coffee Cup, an assuming storefront with an incredible menu. Many of their dishes are a magical fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine, utilizing unique ingredients for both their breakfast and lunch entrees.

My top breakfast recommends? The Pesto Scramble, Soy Chorizo Scramble, Breakfast Enchiladas and Coffee Cup French Toast. (No matter what, though, the crispy rosemary potatoes are a must try and are included with several of the meals.)


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  • avatar Where is the best place to eat seafood in La Jolla
    • Truly unique. Great food and fast, efficient service. Muffins made each morning, house made granola, patio and inside dining. Award winner and always the favorite of locals.

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