People Get Cray When They Travel, Study Shows

January 14, 2016 – 12:33 am
You've waited all year to take a proper vacation. Can anyone really blame you for getting a little freaky while you're away?

According to a new survey conducted by Hyatt Place hotels, some 60% of hotel guests engage in quirky behavior while traveling. What qualifies as "quirky"? Oh, taking work calls while naked or wearing just your skivvies, which one in five people admitted to doing. That'll make you think twice about calling your VP on his next ski trip.

Turning hotel rooms into makeshift gyms and spas also proved popular, and people clearly spend way too much time fooling around with the thermostat. Eating in bed and binge-watching reality TV, on the other hand, are totally understandable (and we're pretty sure that's happening at home, too).

The survey, which polled 1, 000 adult travelers, also broke down the most important hotel amenities, with free Wi-Fi beating out a comfortable bed or a free breakfast. Only 5% of respondents were adamant about having access to a 24/7 gym, which perhaps explains why doing lunges and warrior poses in the guest room proves so popular.

Hyatt Place also put together an infographic that highlights the survey's findings, below. Vacationers, we're onto you — and please don't forget to draw the curtains.


  • avatar Are there any good places to eat breakfast around the Boston Hyatt at Logan Airport? | Yahoo Answers
    • Why not try the Boston Hyatt, they do an excellent breakfast!

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