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October 7, 2013 – 08:08 am

On Wednesday night Boyfriend and I were lucky enough to be invited to Wooden Spoon Bar and Restaurant located on Military Road in Cremorne. We were pretty excited to begin with (trying new places is definitely our thing) but we had NO idea of the treat in store for us. I’m not 100% sure what…

A couple of Friday nights ago, a friend and I caught a train to North Sydney to go to a party in Lavender Bay. We came straight from work and needed somewhere to get dinner along the way. We walked down Blue’s Point Road in McMahon’s point, figuring that there was going to be plenty…

You know those restaurants you walk or drive past and always say “we should go there sometime”? The Tall Lemongrass, located in Crows Nest, was one of those restaurants for me.20121026_182613 We finally got around to dining at The Tall Lemongrass and I only wish we’d done it sooner. Knowing absolutely nothing about The Tall…

So by now it’s no secret that I love food. The more of it the better. No surprise then, that I’m a big fan of all-you-can-eat buffets, banquets and of course, sushi trains. What is better than food coming at you continuously on a conveyer belt? I love the variety of sushi train, the way…

There’s something about the water. It has a kind of soothing, happiness-inducing effect. So when a restaurant is situated with views out across the water, you’re almost guaranteed a relaxing, enjoyable meal (provided the food is delicious, of course). One restaurant we go to for both the view and the delicious breakfast is Ripples in…

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  • avatar Where is a good place for breakfast in Fayetteville, North Carolina
    • There are an unusual amount of Waffle Houses and there is a Shoneys Restaurant at 1945 Cedar Creek Rd, Fayetteville (910) 323-9325

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