50 best brunch places in Singapore

April 24, 2016 – 05:04 pm

CoverHere's our ultimate brunch guide: from poached eggs and stacked pancakes to bacon (and bacon jam), sandwiches, hash browns, fried chicken on waffles, and coffees

26 September 2014 5:02 PM | Updated 23 Sep 2015 By Celine Asril, Priyanka Chand Agarwal, Victoria Lim, Maya Menon

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This year, it's not all about the eggs, although they still hold massive sway in this breakfast-lunch round-up we've put together for your brunching. If there ever was a food trend that shows no signs of stopping, this is it: Singapore's brunch choices have burgeoned - from barely five in 2009, to over 100 choices this year. We've narrowed them down to 50 of the best in Singapore - going hand in hand with SG50. Whether your choice is eggs benedict (of which there are plenty), a greasy English fry-up, or vegan and healthy (raw) alternative, we've got you covered:

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A PIONEERING BRUNCH | 40 Hands | Among the first movers to the now almost hipstered-out Tiong Bahru, 40 Hands serves first and foremost, ethically-traded coffee. The house blend delivers a smooth cuppa and a flat white ($5) is a failsafe order. Glance at the cake display and if the ondeh-ondeh cupcake (traditional Peranakan dessert of palm sugar-filled sweet potato flour balls, coated with desiccated coconut, $3.50) is available, grab one. The cupcake version of the traditional Malaysian kueh (cakes and dessert) is executed perfectly. The icing is pandan-flavoured and dusted with coconut shavings, and just like the kueh, the cupcake also has a decadent gula melaka centre. For bigger eats, 40 Hands recently revamped their menu but the Big Boy breakfast ($19) remains a favourite: a hearty start to the day with eggs any style, chipolata sausages, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, organic bacon, Bolognese and flat bread with sour cream. While you’re here, the tau sar pau (steamed bun with red bean paste filling, $2.50) is quite the star – lightly fluffy from the steam, each bite is an even, well-distributed ratio of bun and red bean paste. Brunch hours: Fri-Sun 8am-4pm

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