July 6, 2013 – 04:20 pm

BofCIn December I was asked to paint the stairwells of the motion design studio, Breakfast of Champions, in Central London.

They are a fun and quirky studio that specialises in animation, motion graphics, 3d design & animation, character design & animation, illustration, 2d animation, CGI, and post-production.

They make TV commercials, online films, explainer films, TV & film titles, and brand films. ‘Most things that move, actually’. Ha!

They asked me to incorporate some of their logos and icons but run with my crazy characters to combine the two and create a crazy piece that spanned several floors.

The work took three days to complete, and as I was put up in a hotel near Hyde Park I took advantage of my free time in the Big Smoke at night, by wondering the streets exploring.

‘Night One’ was my favourite as I walked from the BofC office, near Covent Garden, down through Leicester Square which was holding the premiere of the Hobbit 3!!! Ha! I’m not a massive fan of the franchise but I got closer to see what was happening and caught Alex Zane interviewing Sir Ian McKellen, followed by Stephen Fry.

My evening stroll then took me from Middle Earth through Bond Street and Saville Row, passing the super expensive shops and clubs that even if you won the lottery you couldn’t afford to shop in or dine at. It really is a different world at the top, isn’t it.

Then on I walked into Hyde Park where I stumbled upon the Winter Wonderland, a Christmas market filled with German bars, hot dog stands and a fair ground. Very Festive and fun.

I travelled through three different worlds on that evening, all as alien as each other, and the only thing that would have made it more fun would have been to have my Wife along for the adventure. Good times.

Source: spzero76.com

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