Watch 'Faking It' season 2B live; Karma, Amy, others recreate 'The Breakfast Club' in episode 15

March 8, 2016 – 08:32 am

Felix, Lauren, Shane, Karma, Liam and Amy from season 2B episode 15 of 'Faking It'Felix, Lauren, Shane, Karma, Liam and Amy from season 2B episode 15 of 'Faking It'screenshot/youtube

MTV will air season 2B episode 15 of "Faking It" on Monday, 28 September and it will deal with the aftermath of some shocking events that took place in episode 14 "Saturday Fight Live".

In the previous episode, we saw Shane (Michael Willett) blurt out to Duke (Skyler Maxon) that he is the one that outed him. Since the premiere of season 2B, Duke has been cursing the person that outed him, and Shane has lived in constant fear that he will find out the truth and break up with him.

"Saturday Fight Live" saw Duke preparing for his first big fight, and Shane tried his best to be supportive. However, Duke's new agent had Shane believe that Duke wanted to keep him a secret because he was a high-schooler. In a fit of anger, Shane confronts Duke and reveals that he the one that exposed his secret.

Duke is visibly devastated and tells Shane that he did not agree to his agent's demands of keeping Shane a secret and goes for his fight. If this news affects Duke in the fight, and he ends up getting distracted and looses the fight, their future together seems blurred.

After a confrontation with Karma (Katie Stevens), Liam (Gregg Sulkin) kissed his new socialite friend Zita (Chloe Bridges). As of now, we don't know if Liam and ZIta are serious, or if they only want to fool around. Liam obviously has feelings for Karma and Karma feels the same way, but there is a lot of miscommunication between them, and if it continues, there can never be a Karma-Liam relationship for fans to look forward to.

We also saw Amy (Rita Volk) and Lauren (Bailey De Young) staking out to see which of their parents is cheating on the other, and was shocked to find out that Amy's mother was secretly meeting her biological dad. Are they looking to get back together, or do they only have a platonic relationship when Amy's mother is trying to help him through a difficult time?

Regardless, all of the friends, along with the new addition, Felix (Parker Mack), son of the new principal George Turner (Bernard Curry), are stuck in detention for episode 15 "Boiling Point". In the promo, we see them recreate "The Breakfast Club"-like scenario, and escape the school premises with the help of Lauren's cop boyfriend Theo (Keith Powers).


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  • avatar Where can I watch the Breakfast Club online? | Yahoo Answers
    • really does work. I use it all the time. Type in the name of the movie, click on it, scroll down to where it says "Versions" and click on one with the yellow star. Then it will bring you to another page, click "Continue as free user" and click play :)

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