What The Breakfast Club Would Look Like in SF

April 14, 2016 – 03:15 pm

Mar 12 at 10am

This year marks the 30th anniversary of John Hughes' classic film The Breakfast Club. The movie was pretty influential for many of us — it was angsty, smart, and beautiful, and so were we. Sometimes I feel like this city is The Breakfast Club, a bunch of misfit kids thrown together in one place just trying to find common ground and smoke pot and dance.

Here are some ways this classic flick would have been different if it had taken place in the Bay Area. Don't you forget about this movie, you maxie zoom dweebies!

The Basket Case would immediately be revered for her daring "Captain Crunch and Pixie Stick Sandwich" and would start a pop-up or food truck based on this dining stunt soon after.

It'd really be more like a brunch club than a breakfast club.

Bender's dad would give him an e-cigarette for Christmas: "Hey, smoke up Johnny!"

The Jock wouldn't get detention for taping the other guy's butt, he'd get offered a spot at an upscale Castro waxing boutique.

More pot. Enough said.

The Janitor who looks through everyone's discarded letters would be replaced by Facebook, which offers the same snooping service.

Everyone would know that your heart doesn't die when you grow up, you just have to switch from a kid's kickball team to an adult one.

Source: www.thebolditalic.com

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