Gucci Mane Fires A Few Shots At Young Jeezy In Breakfast Club

August 31, 2016 – 01:03 am

Leave it to The Breakfast Club to stir up some drama before half of the country even had their first cup of coffee. Gucci Mane stopped by the Power 105 studios and before anyone realized what was going on, the dead horse topic was revived once more and Radric was throwing shots – some could be masked as haymakers – at long-time rival Young Jeezy. Here’s the brief synopsis.

— Gucci will never respect The Snowman. Why? Something to do with that whole “I’m-gonna-kill-you-if-you-don’t-give-me-my-chain-back” thing which ended up with La Flare killing the dude Jeezy sent. Oh, and he will kill again if someone runs up on him the wrong way.

— Gucci alleges he attended Jeezy’s birthday party recently. By himself. Now, we’re going to add an “allegedly” here because this is all Radric’s version of the story. Gucci says Jeezy (allegedly) didn’t want any problems and even boasts no one in The A will approach him.

— He says Rick Ross is family. Waka’s still down for him even though they had beef for a brief moment. They even almost fought last week. That’s some real life brother sh*t (or something like that).

— “Gucci Time” is the worst song of his career. Those are Gucci’s words, not mine. My vote to that abortion of a song he did with Usher.


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