The Game Talks Young Thug Beef, His Loyalty To Lil Wayne, Reality Show: 'I Got Wayne's Back'

April 15, 2016 – 03:39 pm

The Game(Photo : Getty Images/Mike Windle) The Game talked about his beef with Young Thug and his new reality show on "The Breakfast Club."

"I always got Wayne's back, " said the Compton, Calif. rapper. "Even when you don't need me to. I'm just a good friend."

Game then compared his beef with Thug to a time when Power 105 host DJ Envy was dissed by Star and Buckwild, who also hosted a popular radio show in New York City. The West Coast spitter explained that he'll defend certain people in hip-hop whenever he deems it necessary.

"Envy, back in the day when the dudes on the radio ... I told them 'I'll break your jaw, dude, '" said Game.

"I'm still gonna break his jaw when I see him. I never seen him since. I got you. We was [new] fathers at the time and really on our parent stuff and dude was talking about Envy's baby girl and I didn't like it. When I don't like stuff in hip-hop I address it. I don't like anyone going after Lil Wayne, " he added.

In regards to the rappers VH1 show "She Got Game, " he said that he's really looking for a mate and doesn't want to settle. Game also said that he would rather date someone outside of the entertainment industry. Possibly, someone who works a regular office job.

"As far as women go, you have to d- near be amazing for me to take you seriously, " he explained.

"Most women these days that I come across in hip-hop ain't worth the time. All the real women are in the workplace, but you can't just walk in a building and say 'Yeah, it's you' so you wait until you meet someone by chance and that gets old, " added the California spitter.

Additionally, he talked about Aftermath and explained why he's not signed to the label, despite being close to Dr. Dre, his mentor and the company's founder.

"Dre got Aftermath but ain't really no artists on Aftermath, " stated Game. "Dre got guys over there working, and they completed the "Compton" album, which was dope. But as far as the old Aftermath when it was Game and 50, I think it's settled."


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