Molly Ringwald And Ally Sheedy Explain Why “The Breakfast Club

January 2, 2017 – 07:24 am
How to decode the John Hughes Such a moment happens when Claire, the “princess” of the film, reluctantly admits that she is still a virgin after being pressured into the admission by Allison, whose character starts the film as the biggest mystery, clearly the kookiest one of the five, quiet to the point of seeming silent — save for a few random outbursts. But towards the end of the film, even she opens up about her strained relationship with her parents.

Though The Breakfast Club explores themes common to those of today’s teen-focused films and TV shows, none has done it as well as the 1985 classic. “There really hasn’t been much to replace it with, ” Ringwald said. “The project that comes closest, which wasn’t a movie but a series, was Freaks and Geeks.”

Unlike contemporary movies, many of which feature teenagers who are also vampires and werewolves (or have some other supernatural ability) and highly sexualize its female characters, The Breakfast Club presented an unidealized portrayal of teens. “I have an 11-year-old, and I’m horrified by what’s being offered to her — and also how incredibly sexualized the girls [on screen] are, ” Ringwald said. “That’s another thing that makes me really proud of us. In that time … it wasn’t about that, and now it is.”


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    • I don't believe that she was trying to be cute. It's the essence of her character to do weird movements and noises because she is known as the "basket case" and people only see her as her (and the rest of them as a stereotype).
      But yes, that part is so adorable, and cute (even if it wasn't intended!)

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