Early Bird Breakfast Club at The Fort: Beautiful Breakfast. Morning, Noon, and Night

January 28, 2016 – 02:00 am

Rarely do I encounter restaurants which serve all day breakfast fare. While I am not a morning person, I am big when it comes to breakfast. So, even if I woke up at three o'clock in the afternoon, breakfast meal is still the first thing that comes to mind. I know some places that dishes out breakfast goodies anytime of the day, but I deem that they do it just for the sake of it (read: profit). And I am talking about big fat satisfying breakfast here. There are few which serves decent enough brekky and well, that's just about it. Seriously, breakfast is sacred, I cannot accept 'decent enough' so to speak. Eat like a king for breakfast, remember?.
Then recently I was introduced to this new restaurant located at The Fort that specializes in breakfast meals served morning, noon, and night. Aptly named "Early Bird Breakfast Club", it serves downright satisfying brekky dishes in an ambiance that screams "good morning sunshine" in your face. If all clubs are like this, I wouldn't mind being a lifetime member!

With a promise of serving beautiful breakfast all day everyday, Early Bird Breakfast Club is open every Sunday to Thursday from 7am to 10pm, and 24 hours every Friday and Saturday. Party goers from nearby URBN Bar and early morning joggers at The Fort serve as its target market but everyone is very much welcome to visit and take their fair share of the beautiful breakfast that they offer.
My recent visit was a quick one since my mom and I just came from a lunch date and was still headed to a dinner engagement after. But our short stay does not mean that we enjoyed it less because from the ambiance to the warm service up to the delectable food we devoured, it proved to be a time well spent.
The entire place exudes an ambiance that reminds me of beautiful morning where only good things are bound to happen. The floor to ceiling front windows welcome a beautiful light making the combination of bright and pastel colors predominant in the place illuminate. A grand mural on the side wall adds an artistic flair to the entire area, while mirrors on the other side provide an illusion of added space with beautiful reflection of light making the place all the more welcoming if not comforting. The place isn't too big nor too small, decent enough to accommodate diners in groups. Mezzanine level is also open for diners who wants a little privacy. Choices on the menu are somewhat limited since they were just on soft opening during our visit but one of the owners, a very charming lady named Ellen told us that more dishes will be added soon. I was still in awe at how pretty the place was when servings of beautiful breakfast dishes graced our table.
My mom opted for The Early Bird Full English (Php495) which consist of two fried bread, one English banger, two strips of bacon (we got ham instead), mushrooms, ripe grilled tomatoes, Early Bird hash potatoes, baked beans, and two fried eggs. The servings was so big that my mom had no other choice but to share it with me, much to my delight of course. While everything on the plate was satisfying and palatable, it was the English banger that stood out in terms of flavor. The entire deal was a culmination of everything good about breakfast and I wouldn't mind having this again on my next visit.

Source: www.yedylicious.com

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      I would just come down, park in Old Town, and start roaming around. Trust me, you'll find fun places to be.
      Have fun and be safe!

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