Subway Joins the Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwich Club

August 1, 2012 – 04:40 pm

"If only Subway had enough room to build a little griddle and fry a real egg."

It's been a big few weeks for fast-food breakfast sandwiches. First Burger King added sausage-egg sandwiches and breakfast bowls to the menu (admitting they totally ripped off McDonald's) and last week, Subway launched a new line of five breakfast sandwiches (though apparently some locations have been selling them for years). They're available all day, as opposed to the rigid none-after-10:30 rule.

The five kinds include: Western egg and cheese, Black Forest ham and cheese, bacon and cheese, and steak, egg, and cheese, all of which range between $2 and $4. We were only hungry enough to try two.

For all of them, you have to decide between: egg or egg white, one of their triangular-shaped cheeses, and an English muffin or sub roll. Since it seemed a little sacrilegious to deny the English muffin, arguably the most official of breakfast sandwich breads, we went with that. (A breakfast sandwich on the Subway sub bread? Ehh.)


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Western egg and cheese (180 calories): It's the same ham they use on the line for the "normal" sandwiches, and for cheese, we went with Swiss (it seemed only right with the ham). The worst part about this sandwich? OK, the worst part about all of them? The egg.

It's one of those sponge-looking fake egg patties from a plastic package from the fridge. Sigh. If only Subway had enough room to build a little griddle and fry a real egg.

The whole sandwich gets zapped in the microwave for ten seconds, and this is when the rest of the Western part comes in. They throw on those green peppers and onion slices from the line, which pretty much overpower any flavor that was just created. It ends up tasting like a green pepper sandwich.


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