An early draft of 'The Breakfast Club' was found in the high school where it was filmed

November 9, 2016 – 05:40 am

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An early draft of The Breakfast Club was found at the high school where it was filmed, according to the It happened when Maine North High School was packing up for a move to their new building next door.

“One day a few weeks ago, one of the assistants was going through a filing cabinet and found a file that had a manuscript from The Breakfast Club dated Sept. 21, 1983. It’s a first draft of the screenplay by John Hughes, ” the school district’s superintendent, Ken Wallace, told the Tribune.

It appears the script was given to the then-superintendent for review, and it even has “Reviewed and approved by Dr. Murphy” also scrawled in blue pen on the right side of the cover, and a pizza grease stain on the cover.

The early draft shows a few differences from the final movie. It was originally called Saturday Breakfast Club and Molly Ringwald’s character was named Cathy Douglas instead of Claire Standish. But other than that things appear to be pretty much the same.

The draft was found among other documents about the filming at the school, including rental fee agreements and correspondence between the school and the Universal Studios unit production manager. The Maine North staff from the ’80s seems a whole lot nicer than Mr. Vernon …


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