Bender Breakfast Club actorsJune 20, 2019 – 09:54 pm

Bender Breakfast Club actors

Judd Nelson alive and well in 2006 at the ESPYs in Los Angeles (Photo by J.Sciulli/WireImage for ESPN) In a welcome break from a slow weekend of news filled with violence and murders, a report that actor Judd Nelson—best known for playing The Criminal John Bender in The Breakfast Club—had died turned out to be false. The false report came from the site which somehow manages to beat the real FOX News in reporting fake information. Nelson… witchcraft supplies las vegas

Breakfast Club BingoMay 21, 2019 – 09:38 pm

Breakfast Club Bingo

Before I was a school counselor, I taught second grade for thirteen years. One thing I found very successful for parent involvement was hosting a Reader’s Breakfast Club. These breakfasts were held once each grading period. Parents were invited to bring breakfast from home or their favorite take-out restaurant and come to my classroom. During their stay, they would eat breakfast with their children and read together. The students really enjoyed it… pink tickets staples center ticketmaster

Watch Breakfast Club freeMay 11, 2019 – 09:31 pm

Watch Breakfast Club free

Top music video producer Kemi Adetiba is on the hot seat on DZRPTtv’s Breakfast Club and she shares exclusive insights into the entertainment industry, her crush in the music industry, details about her embarrassment at a popular restaurant in Lagos, her being Vic-O’s number one fan, her video production career, her upcoming cooking show called “Things Kemi Cooks” and so much more! You don’t want to miss this!! The show is hosted by Ireti of DZRPT…

Church Breakfast ClubMay 1, 2019 – 09:27 pm

Church Breakfast Club

CPC will partner again with London Towne Elementary school to mentor children. The Tuesday morning “Breakfast Club” will begin in mid- October. We meet at the school before the bell rings (7:55-8:40 a.m.) to review and encourage math and reading skills. Each mentor works with the same 2-3 children throughout the school year. This will be our third year with the “Breakfast Club”. We would love more mentors as we reach out to make a difference in the…

Soulja boy Breakfast ClubApril 6, 2019 – 08:53 pm

Soulja boy Breakfast Club

K. Michelle recently sat down with The Breakfast Club and addressed the rumors about her recent boo and the situation with her and Lil’Kim on the night of the VMAs. If you missed the drama, K. Michelle tweeted during the VMA’s that Nicki Minaj was the “Queen of Rap”. Lil Kim and K. Michelle were cool at the time, and Lil Kim fans didn’t appreciate the shout out! Immediately after K tweeted her admiration for Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim fans began to attack…

End of Breakfast Club jokeMarch 12, 2019 – 08:42 pm

End of Breakfast Club joke

The Game proudly declared how he had no filter but he had to clear the air after he got a little too candid mentioning the dead. Jayceon Taylor has been in many fights in his life; some confirmed, some hearsay, and longtime followers of the Compton MC know very well of one that falls in the latter category with California Bloods gang member Rosemo700, who died a purported 40 days after he allegedly fought his rapper rival in a mall while he was with…

Spike Lee Breakfast ClubNovember 27, 2018 – 07:51 pm

Spike Lee Breakfast Club

By now, rule of thumb when interviewing Damon Dash is to know that you’re eventually going to get into an argument. The entrepreneur did just that during his visit to The Breakfast Club on Friday morning, obviously heated at the constant questions revolving around his relationship with former Roc-A-Fella partner, Jay Z. “Y’all talking about stuff that was 15 years ago!” Dame lashed out at DJ Envy & Charlemange Tha God. “Why people always gotta…

Golden Gate Breakfast Club San FranciscoOctober 23, 2018 – 08:30 am

Golden Gate Breakfast Club San Francisco

We started our Sausalito day trip by dropping the dog off at day care and then taking Wren out to check out the Marine Mammal Center at the Marin Headlands. On the way there, we got some fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, as a After Big Sur we drove through Carmel (waving at Clint Eastwood) and Monterey (Steinbeck - Cannery Row) now great seaside towns once the heart of the sardine industry. We eventually arrived at Capitola - a beautiful…

Breakfast Club School nameOctober 8, 2018 – 08:17 am

Breakfast Club School name

Officials at a northwest suburban Chicago school district reportedly discovered a piece of 1980s film history while they were packing up offices during a recent move. Staff at Maine Township High School District 207 say they found an original screenplay of “The Breakfast Club” while preparing for Park Ridge’s Maine South High School move last month. Much of the iconic film was filmed at the school in 1984. The Tribune reports the cover of the script…

Good start Breakfast Club Red CrossAugust 14, 2018 – 07:49 am

Good start Breakfast Club Red Cross

Coles and Red Cross are helping thousands of Australian kids get a healthy start to their day. Despite many nutritionists considering that breakfast is the most important meal of the day in assisting a child s development and helping maintain a healthy weight, research has found that up to 40 per cent of Australian school children regularly skip breakfast. Since 1991, the Red Cross Good Start Breakfast Club program has positively influenced the eating…

Law Primary Breakfast ClubAugust 9, 2018 – 07:48 am

Law Primary Breakfast Club

(Jennifer Guze Campbell gave this speech to the Orange County Stanford Breakfast Club on November 6, 2013) Beginning in 1975, the Congress of the United States began passing civil rights acts focused on education. These acts grew out of the civil rights movements that had been sweeping the country in the ’60’s and ’70’s. The educational rights of children who are handicapped were among the last to be recognized, but recognized they finally were. Before…

Cliff Notes the Breakfast ClubJune 30, 2018 – 07:28 am

Cliff Notes the Breakfast Club

If your formative years fell in the 1980 s then there s a good chance that you have fond memories of writer/producer/director John Hughes work in one way or another, from the bumbling antics of the Griswolds in the Vacation series to the slapstick of Home Alone at the outset of the 1990 s. Sandwiched in-between was a series of teen movies which constituted a full half of Hughes 8-film directorial career and culminated with the genre-defining The…

Breakfast Club, Fort CollinsMay 31, 2018 – 07:11 am

Breakfast Club, Fort Collins

3rd Annual—Bigger and Even Better Our 3rd Annual Fort Collins Peach Festival was a HUGE success! With over 10, people in attendance we were able to raise over $33, for local charities! We have set the date for the 4th Annual event at Hughes Stadium and are looking forward to expanding the festival even more this year! Everyone who attends is sure to enjoy the new peachy fun we are planning. The best part is that this event is put on by our community…

Breakfast Club book seriesMay 16, 2018 – 06:58 am

Breakfast Club book series

The Breakfast Club is one of my all-time favorite movies. It has everything you could possibly ask for: a quirky band of misfits, youthful rebellion, love that crosses social groups, and a great feel-good ending. For anyone who has ever felt like an outcast, or, conversely, anyone who has ever felt stuck in the social role they think they’re supposed to enjoy, The Breakfast Club reminds you it’s okay to be a little different. It’s okay to hang out…