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July 12, 2013 – 03:01 pm

PowerbillPenelope Hill and Brian Kerr are part of the financial counselling team at the Consumer Action Law Centre. As part of our weekly finance segment they joined Richelle Hunt to discuss how you can go about negotiating high utilities bill in times of financial hardship. They also address a number of calls from 774 listeners. Read more


Superannuation Lawyer Heather Gray joined Libbi Gorr for this week?s finance feature to address how your super is being invested. Do you know how your super is being invested for you if it?s with a large fund? Do you know what investments the fund has chosen? Heather answers these questions and takes calls from our listeners. Read more


This week's finance segment featured Remo Greco speaking on how best to deal with the markets current slump. Is it a good time to buy shares? Is there good value in the markets? Should you be putting more money in or should you have an exit strategy? Read more


In this week?s addition of our finance feature Libbi Gorr was lucky to be joined by the General Manager of the Department of Human Services Hank Jongen. In addition to taking calls on a plethora of concerns and experiences from ABC listeners, Hank gave out some important information about support the Department of Human Services can provide when planning your affairs, and then following the passing of a loved one. These include: ? A free financial information service that can help people to make informed financial decisions when organising their affairs. ? Free access to social workers who can provide... Read more


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  • avatar how to travel from sydny nsw australia to swan hill victoria australia? | Yahoo Answers
    • You can get driving directions on (linked below). It's about a 14 hour drive though.
      The trouble is I don't think anyone flys to Swan Hill. You could get a flight on Regional Express or REX (linked below) to Mildura (the closed regional centre) and drive the few hours to Swan Hill.

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