Miami's Ten Best Breakfast Spots

October 24, 2016 – 04:53 am

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don't skip it - eat here.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don't skip it - eat here.

Sweet Point Bakery & Cafe via Facebook

Breakfast has long been regarded the most important meal of the day, but we still tend to discount its importance (except maybe at Sunday brunch). But breakfast, unlike dinner, is a great time to meet friends or business associates for a meal that has less formality. Unlike dinner at a dimly lit restaurant with wine, breakfast places are bright, friendly, and welcoming - and usually come with endless pots of steaming hot coffee. Besides, who doesn't like a meal with a side of bacon?

With that in mind, we found it difficult to pare down our list of favorite breakfast spots to ten. We'd like to hear your favorite place for first meal.

10. Coral Bagels

Miami's Ten Best Breakfast SpotsThe decibel level is high at any given day of the week at this little breakfast joint off US1. Filled with the same regulars from Coral Gables and Coconut Grove, Coral Bagels is the place to meet friends, gossip about local politics, and have a simple plate of eggs and a freshly made bagel without breaking the bank. Two eggs with the best breakfast potatoes we've ever had, comes with a bagel of your choice and unlimited coffee with plenty of cream. If you can stand the sound of crashing dishes, eat here.

9. Buena Vista Deli

We love a simple breakfast of well baked breads and good coffee and Buena Vista Deli delivers just that. The fresh baked flaky, buttery croissants come fresh out of the oven reminding one of Paris ... or heaven. Paired with fresh fruit and coffee, it's called the 7 a.m. breakfast and it's .95. We call it the perfect start to a very good morning.

Miami's Ten Best Breakfast Spots8. Solo Cafe and Patisserie

Sure, you have to go into the lobby of one of Miami Beach's most iconic monolith hotels (the Fontainebleau) to get here, but rest assured the voyage is worth it. If you're looking for killer doughnuts, cinnamon buns, and a good latte, Solo is your place. Doughnut flavors change every day, but look for exotics like Key Lime or classics like cinnamon or chocolate ($2.45) and a daily pastry special with coffee is an affordable $5.95. Plus, you can watch the beautiful people stroll by on their way to the pool, while you sip your caffeine.

7. S&S Diner

Remember the Twilight Zone episode where the grown man steps back in time to a town from long ago called Willoughby? We believe S&S Diner is the porthole to that other dimension. The horseshoe-shaped lunch counter is a page out of Life magazine circa 1955 - and so are the prices. Three bucks buys you a breakfast of two eggs, potatoes, and toast. Add coffee or tea and your bill comes out to $3.40 Today's breakfast at yesterday's prices is the reason why S&S makes our list.

Miami's Ten Best Breakfast Spots Miami's Ten Best Breakfast Spots Miami's Ten Best Breakfast Spots Miami's Ten Best Breakfast Spots


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