National Breakfast Day – McDonald's Singapore Brought Back

December 21, 2016 – 07:13 am

pr20150309_2McDonald’s gave customers a super-charged start this morning on National Breakfast Day, distributing more than 120, 000 free Egg McMuffins and treating 150 parents to free breakfast. Those receiving breakfast treats included mums and dads busy at work, and “super parents” nominated as part of the National Breakfast Day Instagram Contest.

This year, National Breakfast Day, one of the ways McDonald’s gives back to the community, celebrated the importance of breakfast and showed appreciation for the amazing parents amongst us.

To gain insight into the breakfast habits of Singapore parents, McDonald’s Singapore commissioned its first National Breakfast Day Study. The survey found that 62% of parents have very busy mornings – doing an average of 13 things before getting themselves and their kids out the door. Their to-do lists include getting the kids out of bed, making sure the family has a good meal to come home to, and making sure the kids have their breakfast.

The study also revealed that Singapore parents feel pressed for time, with one-third multitasking while having breakfast, and more than half who wished they had more time for breakfast.

With this in mind, McDonald’s Singapore today rewarded some amazing parents with the convenience of breakfast deliveries – surprising some super parents with breakfast this morning and giving away free breakfast for 150 working parents.

Surprising super parents with breakfast deliveries

This morning, 9 winners of McDonald’s National Breakfast Day Instagram Contest surprised their parents with breakfast delivered to their doorsteps.

“My mum was very excited about the breakfast delivery, ” shared Evelyn Kuah, one of the contest winners. “I’m also glad because for once, my mum didn’t have to wake up earlier to prepare breakfast for me and my sisters.”

Launched two weeks ago, the National Breakfast Day Instagram Contest called for members of the public to join McDonald’s in appreciating the amazing parents in our community by nominating a super parent and posting his/her picture on Instagram. 15 of the most outstanding entries were selected as winners.


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