How To Barbecue For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner And Dessert

August 23, 2016 – 12:30 am
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Buy the biggest Portobello mushrooms you can find and pull out the stalk. Crack an egg over the cup and place on the barbecue until sizzling.

4. Grilled huevos rancheros

Make a square boat-shaped packet out of tin foil. Fill with either chopped tomatoes, salsa or leftover chilli con carne. Top with a raw egg.

Make another foil boat and put on the top. Cook until the chilli mixture is bubbling and the egg is cooked.

7. … Which you can then use to make cookie s’mores

Toast some marshmallows on sticks over the coals. When they get hot and gooey sandwich between two cookies and a few square of dark chocolate.

8. Mixed paella

Either slice the sweet potatoes into wedges or quarters and rub with oil and cajun spice mix then place directly on the grill or a tin foil packet.

Alternatively, wrap an entire potato in foil and place on the coals. Serve with a lump of butter.

16. Baked bananas

These desserts are so easy, but so delicious. Simply pop a banana in some foil and add your topping: sultanas, marshmallows, chocolate, peanut butter, jam or brown sugar work well.


  • avatar Who invented breakfast for dinner?
    • There's no information about the inventor of breakfast for dinner. It was probably someone who just really likes pancakes!

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