Brunch at The Hummingbird in Chapel Allerton

June 4, 2014 – 04:37 pm

Hummingbird Kitchen and Bar on UrbanspoonI really love the food at The Hummingbird in Chapel Allerton. It’s quietly become a really bloody good restaurant…if you haven’t been on an evening, drank from their very good wine menu and eaten their delicious steak….then get your act together pronto!

For this reason, I was very excited when they announced they would be doing brunch also.

When I’m not away for the weekend, I love nothing more than starting it with a lazy brunch in Chapel Allerton. The only issue is that I’m a bit bored of the options. The best brunch is from Crust & Crumb…really good quality ingredients, but the cafe is quite small and it can be hard to get a table. We often go to Zed’s for a full English, but it can be hit or miss. When you’ve got a stinking hangover, Sami’s is great for a greasy fry-up. I hear Casa Mia have started doing breakfast/brunch, but I’ve not tried it. Caffe Nero can be nice if I fancy a Chai Latte and a muffin.

The Hummingbird invited myself and good friends Thea from Happen Upon and Rebecca from Eat Little Spoon to try out their brunch today. Just what the doctor ordered to combat the jet lag!

I started with some tea. Now, this isn’t usually something I’d bother to mention….but everyone seems to be getting a bit overly adventurous with tea these days. Zed’s have their ‘Suki tea’ which isn’t very nice at all. I have to ask for ‘tea with a normal teabag’ to get a decent cuppa. The Hummingbird’s tea was lovely though, just the way I like it. Thank god.

The menu had some quirky twists on old favourites with some classics on there, just as I’d hoped.

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I went for the French Toast with Maple Syrup and Bacon. I wasn’t disappointed at all, it was really delicious. I then helped myself to some toast from the choice of homemade breads. The bread was really good, very tasty and the strawberry jam (with HUGE strawberries in) was a lovely accompaniment.

Next time I’m going to try to homemade crumpets and lemon curd. But then….I’ll miss the french toast. Maybe I’ll just have both.

You can check out what Eat Little Spoon thought of brunch at The Hummingbird here:


  • avatar Where is a good place to eat breakfast in Chapel Hill?
    • Ye Olde Waffle Shop is located at 173 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC and can be reached at (919) 929-9192. for now!

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