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January 16, 2021 – 01:48 am

Chris & Kim Allen

In opening A Butler's Manor, Chris and Kim are fulfilling a lifelong dream, utilizing their combined hospitality skills to make guests welcome and comfortable. In addition to Chris's years in private service and a jointly held love of entertaining, they owned a catering company in California and freelanced in catering for nine years before launching A Butler's Manor in early 2002. In over a decade of operating A Butler's Manor, they've met thousands of wonderful guests (many of whom return year after year) and continue to be gratified by stellar reviews online and in the guestbooks.

British-born Chris worked on estates in Europe before moving to California in 1985 to run a property in Laguna Beach. He met Kim while playing darts in an Irish pub in Newport Beach, CA, and they married in 1988. They moved to the East End in early 1992 when Chris accepted a position managing an estate in East Hampton. In his spare time, Chris loves gardening, woodworking, and learning new skills, from computers to composting.

Kim, a native Californian, is a writer and author of five published books, including a memoir about Chris's life in service, titled A Butler's Life, a contemporary novel titled Choice, two psychological suspense novels titled Net Stalker and Blood Exposure, and a book about wedding customs titled Wedding Wonders.Additionally, after repeated requests from friends and Manor guests, Kim also published A Butler's Manor: The Cookbook, which can be purchased at the Manor. She loves the creativity found in cooking and decorating, and is continually plotting either a redecoration of one of our spaces or the storyline of a new book.


Chezmoi Collection Chezmoi Collection 90 x 92-Inch 8-Piece Luxury Stripe Comforter Bed-in-a-Bag Set, Queen, Black/White/Grey
Home (Chezmoi Collection)
  • 1 Piece Comforter: 90 x92 ; 2 Pieces shams 20 x 26
  • 1 Piece Bed Skirt 60 x 80 + 14 ; 2 Pieces Euro shams 26 x 26
  • 1 Piece Breakfast Pillow 12 x 18 ; 1 Piece Square Pillow 18 x 18
  • Fabric Content: 100 % Polyester
  • Care Instruction: Machine Washable
  • avatar What is a bed and breakfast accommodation?
    • It's like an Inn with a real breakfast vs continental.

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