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February 5, 2020 – 11:11 pm
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As a longtime reader of the Disney Food Blog, I am excited to continue contributing to the site. My family started visiting Disney World before the value resorts existed, but when they were built, All-Star Music was the first that we called “home.”

During this visit, I traveled with my mother and my one-year-old daughter as well as my sister and her two-year-old daughter.

In my “real” (non-Disney) life, I eat vegetarian. While on vacation, I considerably loosened my self-imposed food restrictions and ate what sounded good. I will add details about vegetarian options where appropriate, because many are delicious.


Intermission Food Court is located in Melody Hall, the resort’s main building for check-in, concierge, check-out, shopping, and dining. The food court is open from 7 am to midnight (breakfast ends at 11am), and food is counter service or grab-and-go.

As one might expect, Intermission Food Court is a colorful and boisterous place. Upon entering, the food court counter and grab-and-go stations are to your left. The cashiers are straight ahead and serve as a buffer to the seating area. Beverage/utensil/topping bars are on the right.

The seating area extends the full length of the right side of the room and is abundant. Even during busy times, we had no trouble locating a table.

Seating is a mixture of both booths and tables (large and small to accommodate different size parties) and is a wash of peach, purple, and turquoise. The carpet is dark and dotted with resort-appropriate stars.

One long wall in the seating area features a mural of semi-recognizable singers and musicians in a variety of poses. Lighting is bright, and maneuvering around the space is relatively easy.

On rare occasions, I struggled a bit to navigate the tables while pushing a stroller; but generally speaking, it is spacious.

The beverage bar features the typical soft drink dispensers, condiment dispensers, and lemon and butter holders you expect.

Additionally, to the left of the beverage island is a small area with toasters and a microwave. Here, you also find the topping bar.


  • avatar How much does the all star breakfast cost at waffle house and wat comes with it
    • They do not list that information on their website, however you can this number and get that information 1-877-9-WAFFLE. Thanks!!

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