Casual Breakfast Review Rundown, Entry Number 3: Waffle House

August 24, 2017 – 03:27 pm

Did you know that when disaster strikes, FEMA uses the “Waffle House Index” to judge how bad the situation is? If a Waffle House in a questionable area is fully functional, said situation isn’t that big of a deal. If Waffle House is on back up generators, then the situation is serious. If Waffle House is closed, put your head between your legs and… well, you know the rest. Should it alarm you that the federal government uses a chain of diners known for drunken fights fueled by omelets stuffed with chili and cheese as an indicator of how much relief to bring to a crisis? Maybe, but that’s not the point of this review. I needed something to fill the first paragraph, and with that done let’s delve into the Breakfast All-Star Special from Waffle House. The description for the Breakfast All-Star Special is in picture form, so I will decipher it for you.


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