10 Brisbane All-Day Breakfasts We'd Rather Eat Than Maccas

March 2, 2018 – 05:56 am
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McDonalds are late to the party with the whole all-day breakfast thing. Tempting as eating cardboard hotcakes at 11pm may be, we’d rather tuck into an all-day breakfast from one of these cracking Brisbane cafes.

Broaden your horizons beyond sausage McMuffins with some of Brisbane’s brilliant, innovative cafes and cross your fingers that the next generation doesn’t think McDonald’s invented the sensation that is the all-day breakfast.

Comfort At My Table


The palace of all-day breakfasts, Comfort At My Table in Milton meets the needs of those who require a late start to the day. With incomparable rocky road waffles to satisfy the sweetest of teeth or the generous smashed avo with bacon, haloumi and grilled lemon to cure a vicious hangover, Comfort’s breakfast will go down smoother than a McMuffin any day.

Fundies Wholefood Cafe


Vegans rejoice, ‘cause Fundies Wholefood Cafe has you covered on the weekend for an all-day breakfast completely bacon-free. Coyo bircher muesli and scrambled tofu on a plate packed full of colourful veggies is Fundie’s typical feel-good fare. Alternatively, design your own breakfast with a menu of organic sides to be combined into one healthy plate that will cost less than a brown bag full of greasy hash browns.

The Moray Cafe

New Farm

The fried chicken and sweet waffles at Moray Cafe in New Farm will surely curb your Sunday afternoon sweet and fried food cravings. Skip the stale McDonald’s hotcakes and the sticky squelch of spilt coke under your feet and connect to your free wi-fi in Moray Cafe’s cozy, local atmosphere.

The Jam Pantry


Fresh is the ultimate feel of Greenslopes treasure, The Jam Pantry. The Beyonce and Jay-Z of the breakfast world—avocado and strawberries—can be discovered here on perfectly toasted sourdough. Trust me—it’s a combo worth you’ll gladly give up your chocolate thick shake for.


Brisbane CBD

“Check out the pickles on that guy” is a sentence you would never hear about a McDonald’s cheeseburger, but will likely be uttered as The Reuben sandwich emerges from the kitchen of CBD alleyway cafe, Strauss. Prices at Strauss are as cheap as your McFlurry and the coffee-art is far more Insta-worthy than McCafe machine froth.


Thank the food gods for the quaint, Middle-Eastern style Shouk Cafe at Paddington. The crafty combos of pumpkin and haloumi and the cardamon and honey panna cotta with smashed baklava are just a few tastebud-tingling gifts on the very special all-day brunch menu. I don’t see Maccas serving anything with pistachio Persian fairy floss, do you?

Lady Marmalade Cafe

Stones Corner

Did someone say chai spiced muesli? Your boyfriend will #simplydie while you take half an hour to decide between the baked free-range eggs with house beans and toast soldiers or the haloumi, roast pumpkin and pesto on sourdough. While he may wish he’d taken you through the drive-thru while you’re deliberating, he will change his mind as some as his open rib fillet sanga with caramelised onion appears at Lady Marmalade.

Source: www.theurbanlist.com

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